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Re: [K12OSN] OT

That's one reason why I no longer live in Seattle; too politically correct for me. MAN does indeed stand for Metropolitan Area Network and has for many, many years.

And yes, GNU/Linux does rock, as does Free Software in general. GNU/Linux's cousin, NetBSD, set the new LAN speed record--not on the experimental Internet2, but on the production "Internet1"--a few months ago, using the new TenGig-E NICs on both ends. I'm fairly sure that GNU/Linux could do something similar with a few sysadmin tuning tweaks. Try replicating that kind of scalability with Windows.

If this isn't an excellent case for the technical merits of Free Software, then perhaps I don't know what is.



Ken Meyer wrote:

Don't snicker.  When Seattle Wireless (www.seattlewireless.NET) announced
that it intended to build a MAN (Met Area Net, yes?), there was at least one
serious, formal protest of the name.

Ken Meyer

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troy banther wrote:

Man Linux is kick @$$.

Can I hear an AMEN... ;)

Not to be sexist, I'm sure Woman Linux is kick @$$ too. :D


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