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Re: [K12OSN] OT building to building ethernet wiring

If you use fiber, be sure to run it through a conduit, just to prevent an errant shovel from ruining your day in the future. Also, be sure you bury a wire or some sort of metal with the fiber so that you can find it again in a few years. I buried a fiber cable some years ago, and it was such a short run we thought there was no need for a tracer. Then the local power company decided they wanted to change some of their runs, a side effect being they wanted to go right across where the fiber line was and they needed to know where to not dig. Fortunately, we had used a plastic conduit for the fiber, mostly to avoid the afore mentioned errant shovel, and were able to push a copper ground wire through the conduit to help us locate it then and in the future.


Michael Williams wrote:
	I wanted to get a wiring opinion from the list.  I need to extend a
network from a school office to a few adjacent buildings.  Each building
will have 5 or less workstations or LTS clients.  The lengths are less
than 30m.  I am considering running cat5e/6 thru metal conduit -vs-
fiber.  I am concerned with ground potential between buildings and cable
loss etc -vs- cat2fiber and fiber2cat costs.  Can I try it with cat, or
should I just use fiber?

We use fiber on all runs like this, for the same reasons you list, ground potential and the like.


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