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Re: [K12OSN] my laptop in the lab

Les Mikesell wrote:

On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 09:47, Liam Marshall wrote:

Is it possible to connect my Core 1 installation to the LTSP server and
access the "shares" on it?  Then I would not connect via LTSP but
through that other way and still be able to show a screen to the kids
similar to what they are looking at, and get files that I can "take
home" on my local hard drive.

opinions? Advice?

One way would be to configure the laptop to boot standalone in text mode. Then, instead of network-booting and becoming a thin client you can type 'X -query server' to get the graphical login to the lab server where everything will work the same as before. However, from a terminal window you can ssh back to the laptop and run programs there. If you run evolution (or your normal mail client) that way, it will store the files on the laptop instead of the server. After you log out of the thin client session you may have to kill the X session with ctl-alt-backspace to stop the cycle of login screens and use 'startx' if you want to run a local desktop session.

Alternatively, you can run your normal laptop X desktop but ssh to
the server to start certain programs that you prefer to run there.
However you won't get exactly the same menus and window manager as
the other thin clients that way.

That's absolutely brilliant! I had never considered that as a solution to syncing mail. Thanks for the tip!


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