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Re: [K12OSN] OT building to building ethernet wiring

Cat 5 in conduit is not fine, unless you like buying new switches on each end every time there is a thunderstorm. You simply can't run copper between buildings unless you are quite sure that the cables are properly grounded and the equipment on each end is as well. You will actually save money (and innumerable headaches) by running fiber (or using wireless).

To paraphrase what someone else wrote earlier, "Do NOT run copper between buildings!!".

Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:

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	I wanted to get a wiring opinion from the list.  I need to extend a
network from a school office to a few adjacent buildings.  Each building
will have 5 or less workstations or LTS clients.  The lengths are less
than 30m.  I am considering running cat5e/6 thru metal conduit -vs-
fiber.  I am concerned with ground potential between buildings and cable
loss etc -vs- cat2fiber and fiber2cat costs.  Can I try it with cat, or
should I just use fiber?

at 30m cat5 in conduit is just fine, fiber is nicer, but overkill. you
might also consider pairs of 801.11a access points running in bridging
mode. most of a stuff is cheap now and if they come from same
manufacturer, they will usually run in full duplex and give you the max
throughput at 54Mbs. julius

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