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Re: [K12OSN] OT building to building ethernet wiring

My two cents: Unless things have changed significantly in the past couple of years, leaving splicing fiber to people who have been trained to do it. The ends of the fiber must be cut properly and then polished on a series of increasingly fine sandpapers. One must use a special scope to see if the ends are smooth and polished enough. All in all, not something you want to tackle unless you're going to be doing a lot of it which would give you the practice to get good at it. But then you have to be prepared to throw away the first several ones you make because they won't work.

And I say this as one who can cut and crimp Cat 5 with one hand tied behind my back. Copper is much simpler, but not relevant in your case.


dale wrote:
Jim Kronebusch wrote:

We use 100TX-100FX media converters all over the campus here.  I believe
you are good for 500m over multi-mode fiber with them.  Works without a
hitch for us.  Doesn't sound like you are talking about much data

What is your opinion on splicing connectors on the end of fiber? Is this something end users can now do, or is it still something best left to a professional splicer? Also FYI, I found a trendware transciever for $62



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