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Re: [K12OSN] #$%@$Student hotmail not working

Jim Christiansen wrote:
Thank you Dale, I'm browing there in another tab. This is interesting - a mail server? cool. Do you know if I could use my existing nis system for sme and it's mail users?

It can probably be done with scripts. There is a lazy admin addon that can dump/add users/domains/etc. You could dump sme users and nis users, diff the lists and add/delete based on diff. You might want to search the experienced user forum on contribs.org and post the question there.

This looks to be more featureful (is this a word) than my IPCop. Any way to get Dansgardian on it?

Yes! I haven't installed DansGuardian so I can't say if it is easy.
There are instructions at http://www.dungog.net/sme/ and a addon you can buy to ease installation/maintenence.

antivirus and spamassasin are in howto at http://sme.swerts-knudsen.dk/

http://pagefault.org/ has securemail howto

If you have more questions you can mail me here or offlist.



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