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Re: [K12OSN] rdesktop and Terminal Server Specs Inquiry

Steve Hargadon wrote:
Anyone have a link to a good reference that helps to determine Win2k3
specs based on number of users?

I jumped in REALLY late in this thread, but I just purchased a Win2k3 terminal server this summer. Just like spec'ing an LTSP server, it depends on the applications and concurrent users. I literally bought the fastest server I could afford, and prayed. So far, it worked.


* Dual Xeon 3.2Ghz 2MB Cache
* Dual Gig Eth (one for connecting to /home with, and one for connecting to clients with)
* RAID 5 ULTRA320 SCSI Drives with ULTRA320 RAID controller (the latter is important)

I can support up to 75 concurrent users (That's how many licenses I bought) running "SDS" our student management program. Several also run MS Office, etc. I think general use is around 40 users, all running SDS with about half running IE and MSOffice. I have been surprised how well it handled the load.

Not being "connected" at Microsoft, I had a difficult time finding anyone there to help me size up a server need. Administering it has also been a challenge, since I am *not* a Microsoft guy at all...


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