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Re: [K12OSN] #$%@$Student hotmail not working


We use SME as our mail server. It works very well for us.

I used to use SME as our filter as well but have replaced it with IPCop. I find IPCop a much better firewall/filter/gateway than SME. DansGuardian is much easier to install and manage on IPCop.

Obviously, I have one box with IPCop for my filter and a different box with SME as my email server. (The SME box is also our Web server and provides some other functions for our network (MySQL, etc.) SME is a very good general server. IPCop is a good gateway/filter.

Jim Christiansen wrote:

Yes, thanks everyone. The best solution would be to host our own mail. I have a couple of students trying to put together a mail server, but they are struggling. I have never put one together before... and have not yet given them the time and help to figure out how to set up imap cyrus and what ever else they are working on.

Anyway, I guess that no one else is having hotmail email trouble, so, yes, it must be dansgardain. I have exceptions sites for:
but still, all of the boxes hang at login. I haven't changed anything on my IPCop box for a week or so. I tried installing firefox, and it hangs at hotmail.com logon, too.

Anyone know of a nice rpm, wiki, readme or magic ball that a beginner webmail student admin and rookie teacher could use? I do my own dns, so that is taken care of for the mail system. As usual, I appreciate all comments and suggestions. Jim

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