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Re: [K12OSN] Pros & Cons of upgrading a Production Server from RH8.0 to FC2?

Richard K. Ingalls wrote:

i'm in the process of installing a Fedora Core 2 (K12LTSP) box at this very moment to try out Centre 1.2 (open-source School Information System app). FC2 LOOKS really slick. Nice eye-candy. Very professional looking OS.

I noticed that FC2 comes with Mozilla 1.7 and Gimp 2! That's awesome! I'd like to put those on my Production Servers running RedHat8.0. And I thought the easiest, fastest way would be to simply upgrade from RH8 to FC2. I am wrong in this thinking?

What are the Pros and Cons of upgrading from RH8 to FC2? Remember this is for two Production Servers, not Experimental Servers.

I agree with the other posters; I wouldn't do it during the school year unless I were forced to, i. e. if I had no other choice.

I've not upgraded the GIMP itself before, but I do upgrade Mozilla 1.x, Firefox, T-bird, OpenOffice.org, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, and the kernel on a regular basis. Other than the kernel updates, there's no downtime, so the users never know. Since I do the kernel updates in the evening after school, the users actually don't know about that, either. :-) In my experience, upgrading the specific app that you want/need is easier than the entire operating environment. I would imagine that the GIMP would be similar.

Any of the Mozilla products in particular are easy to upgrade, and the method is described in a recent previous thread.

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