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Re: [K12OSN] Mail Problems

Oh it's Outlook's fault... grab thunderbird =)

*smirk* not a lot of help I know...but really...and if you need calendar support..there's a plugin for it =)
oh I mean extension...also...does it work at the CLI on the linux box?
or just pop'n it off don't work?

Rick O'Dell wrote:

	Hi all, I'm running a postfix Server on fedora 4.01, MailScanner, ClamAV,
and Spam Assassin. Life is good, except for one user. Everyday her e-mail
locks up. We use Outlook on Windows XP and 2000 machines. The log files at
the server say mail box is locked. If I delete some of her messages (mostly
animated cartoons), then It will work again, (for awhile). I have
approximately 80 users on this server, no one else is having this problem,
and they receive the same mail...
Does anybody have any Ideas????????

Rick O'Dell
Net Work Administrator
Bakersfield R4 School Dst.
Phone (417)284-7333 ext 303
rodell bakersfield k12 mo us
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