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Re: [K12OSN] moving /home to separate drive

Burke Almquist wrote:
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Drop in a new drive, and partition/format. (use whatever tools you need here) Then mount your new drive with this
mkdir /mnt/newdrive mount /dev/sd(x) /mnt/newdrive

Go to single user mode and copy all your data over (cp -a /home /mnt/newdrive).
Unmount /home, change the fstab file to reflect your new home drive/partition and remount.
You should now be able to use the old home drive/partition for something else.
Now you should be able to choose to NOT erase the new /home partition when you to a clean install of 4.1

Anyone have something else to add?
Everything sounds good. I would add that if you need to keep downtime to a minimum, you can replace cp with 2 runs of rsync. rsync old home to new home once while the server is in normal mode (3 or 5). Then bring it into single user mode and rsync again. The second run of rsync will be short as only a few files should be different. I used this method in the past when upgrading a harddrive on my mail server.



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