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Re: [K12OSN] Long time no see! (comment-test)

If you meant email server antivirus filtering I usually use clamav along with
mailscanner, it not only scans email for virus but also for spam.

I have a few content filtering firewalls setup with squid/dansguardian, its
not too difficult to setup and doesnt take too powerful a machine, at least
for a network of about 40 users a p3 1gig with a gig of ram will do it quite

Caleb Wagnon (cwagnon bryantschools org) wrote:
> If this message goes through....it means I've got my mail server moved
> off our DSL line and off the K12OSN blacklist!
> So this won't be a complete waste of list space....anyone have any
> experience with squid and antivirus filtering? I've seen a few but
> haven't played with any of the wrappers. Any preferences?
> Caleb Wagnon
> Network Administrator
> Bryant Public Schools
> (501)847-5631 ext:2001
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Ron Freidel
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