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Re: [K12OSN] Introduction/Question

First, I need to learn the basics of Linux/Fedora 2. I am a moderate
Windows 9x user but the skill set doesn't appear transferable can someone
offer a direction on developing basic skills.

Hi Quinn,
You have come to the right place. If you want to get solid computer skills, linux can offer a lot. Plus it is really fun. The k12ltsp is also a great place to start. Other skills you have gained centainly apply. k12ltsp is not that far from ms windows on the surface and you might even fool your classmates into thinking they are using a Windows OS :) Check out ICE and the winxp theme.

Secondly, I need to learn basic networking. I am familiar with the
components of the basic network (wan/lan,nic,router, switch, etc..) but
would appreciate a direction, link that can provide the development of a
skill set.

Smart small and don't bother with the old stuff. Get a grip on TCI/IP and what tools and services help you use this set of protocols to make devices on a network talk to each other.
For example, the IPX protocol is old and proprietary and you may ever need it. ( Man, that hurts to say being a Novell person.) Don't waste your time. There are things that are nice to know, versus things you need to know. K12LTSP is a great tool to use to find out what you need to know. May I suggest another angle, learn what problems need solved with using computers. For example, How do usernames and passwords get made ? -- user management. What are good passwords ? -- security. What makes the thin client boot off the network and what services make this happen ? --- networking and services. What if I want my windows users to share the same username and password as my k12LTSP system ? ---- authentication and file systems and file and print sharing. Stuff like that. What is an "X" server and what are windows managers ? ---- huge in k12LTSP.

Thirdly, I would like to build some small form factor thin clients using Netvista boxes. Can someone recommend a source for lowcost (mini atx?) motherboards with built in audio/video/lan? Computer Geeks (compgeeks.com) has socket 370 celeron 500's for $10.50.

No help here. I buy used gear from companies like Partstock.com or ebay. Dell Optiplex's with on-board ethernet ( PXE bootable) :) We remove the harddrives and uplug the CDROMs. No OS. Check out via's motherboards also. Many companies now sell thin stuff. Amer.com. I believe the days are gone when you can build gear cheaper than you can buy it. Fator in your time. What drew me to k12LTSP was...I started pulling old 486 and Pentium I's out of the closet and finding a way to make them boot off the network ( rom-o-matic ). I want to breathe new life into old hardware.

Lastly, if you have or are considering building a lab in an elementary school lets connect and share knowledge (however limited it might be, at least on my part...). I am willing to help.

Stop !!! this is my opinion, you must form your own. Quinn the biggest problem I see in the Elementary level and k12LTSP is lack of applications. That is windows only strength in my mind. Elementary schools run tons of multimedia software, AccReader, SuccessMaker, others... Most don't work under linux. School districts ( the industry ) in general need to start demanding native linux applications --- IBM get moving !!! Again Quinn please form your own opinion. I use my student input constantly. Students are pretty flexible. Adults ? now that is the problem :)

I could use your help...What are the top 5 things a 5th grader wants from the computer they use at school ?


Have fun Quinn.

Tom Ventresco
Austintown Local Schools

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