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Re: [K12OSN] Purging ALL users

Scott Sherrill wrote:
names = ['root', 'bin', 'daemon', 'adm', 'lp',
         'sync', 'shutdown', 'halt', 'mail',
         'news', 'uucp', 'operator', 'games',
         'gopher', 'ftp', 'nobody', 'vcsa',
         'mailnull', 'rpm', 'ntp', 'rpc', 'xfs',
         'rpcuser', 'nfsnobody', 'nscd', 'ident',
         'radvd', 'named', 'pcap', 'amanda',
         'gdm', 'scott']

This looks like a good list -- I wonder if some sort of UID < 500 thing would work more generically? I'm currently browsing my /etc/passwd file -- and since I use NIS for user authentication, pretty much every user in /etc/passwd is going into this script!

Now I just wait until this evening to kill all my users.... MWAHAHAHAHAHHA

Thanks Scott,

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