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Re: [K12OSN] GDM does not start

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004, Brad Bendily wrote:

>The gdm does not start when I boot my server.
>I would get the problem where X would load, but 
>nothing else would happen. Then I found a site that said to
>check if the xdmcp port was open. I found that it was not
>open and found I need to start gdm to have it available.
>What can I do to get gdm to load automatically?
>I know I could add it to rc.local manually, but I'm
>assuming that this would be a service/daemon that
>should already be starting. Can someone offer advice
>on how to find out why it is not running?

The official LTSP documentation is always useful:

Here is a direct link to the section on troubleshooting
the display manager:

When K12LTSP installs, it sets all of the configuration
files by running:


if you do not have done extensive post-install customization,
you can just re-run this script and reboot.


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