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[K12OSN] Remember my server lockup?

I dont' have the thread anymore to keep this as a single thread -- but those of you that scratched your head with me about my locking up server, I know what caused it, but not why. (And frankly, don't care much...)

If I have a windows share mounted via smbclient onto my server, after about 10-15 minutes, my server locks up hard. I can find no log error messages, or any thing that hints toward problems, but BAM, after those few minutes it just locks up.

If I don't mount that share (or unmount it before it locks up) everything is fine. The share doesn't even have to be accessed to lock up the server -- just mounted. I can repeat the problem consistently.

Today was my proof, since I had to restart the server (due to UPS issues) and the entry was in my /etc/fstab file. After 3 lockups, I remembered that the last thing I had done to "fix" the lockups a month ago was to unmount that share, I quickly did the same, and we've been running for over an hour now.

I was just grasping at straws a month ago, and unmounting the samba share was just a desperate effort, so I didn't bother at the time to remove the /etc/fstab entry. It wasn't until today that I know exactly what one of the hundred things I tried was the difference.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know. Thanks for all the help I received at the time,
Shawn Powers
Technology Director
Inland Lakes Schools
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spowers inlandlakes org

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