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[K12OSN] rdesktop question

I'm sure there is an rdesktop list, but I dont' belong to it, so bear with me...

Does anyone run Windows 2003 terminal services and rdesktop into it? I have been on the phone with microsoft for 2 days about temporary licensing and permanent TSCALs.

Finally, with no help from MS, I discovered that if I connect to the terminal server with the -4 flag (using RDP v4) I get issued a permanent license, but if I use the default -5 flag, I get issued a temporary, which expires in 120 days or so. (my users started getting messages about their licensing expiring... thankfully EVERY one of them called me to tell me...)

Is there a way to make a call to the rdesktop program use the -4 flag by default system wide? I know for a personal user, you can set an alias in .bashrc, or .profile, or one of those files -- can the same be done system wide? If so, would it still be honored if the rdesktop program is called from within another script? Should I just wrap rdesktop into a script that calls with with the -4 flag?

Also, what are the differences between RDP v4 and v5? Will there be other implications for me?

Thanks for any pointers,

Shawn Powers
Technology Director
Inland Lakes Schools
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