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[K12OSN] Squidguard Google Redirection Alternative

I have friends who are sysadmins at other libraries, and most of them
are using other filtering appliances other than squidguard.  Since
they are not running squidguard they can't take advantage of the
google rewrite in squidGuard.conf that keeps the "Google Safesearch"

rewrite google {
    s@(google.com/search.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active i
    s@(google.com/images.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active i
    s@(google.com/groups.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active i
    s@(google.com/news.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active i
    # log google

We have come up with an alternative solution for them, and I thought I
would pass the tip along.

I have noticed that the Safesearch is on by default.  
Block access to this:
If you block the link above, they are unable to get to the preferences
page at google, and therefore unable to turn off Safesearch.

Now I know that someone can just probably alter the URL and somehow
get past the Safesearch, but this should cover a good bit of the
problem if you are not running squidguard.

I just figured I'd share this tip.

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