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[K12OSN] Re: Adding and removing users without being in root

John Conlon wrote:

I have a teacher who has three stand alone machines running K12LTSP 4.2

I'm also not a linux guru, John. And everyone seems to have jumped in that webmin is the answer. I don't know how helpful it would be on three standalone machines. Do you mean the teacher has one server and three clients?, or one server and two clients? or is it really three standalone installs of K12LTSP 4.2. If so, whatever solution you do end up going with, you'll have to repeat for each machine.

Of other more knowledgeable folks on the list could comment on this question:

If in fact John has three standalone machines, Will webmin work connecting to itself or will he have to have the teacher connect from one machine to another to use webmin.

Jimmy Schwankl

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