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[K12OSN] Help! Squidguard will not obey the ACLs in the conf file


I hope everyone is doing well.

Thanks to some kind folks on #ltsp, I was able to get squidguard up 
and running on the k12ltsp (RH9) server. And it blocks the 3 default 
blacklist sets.

However, I wanted to activate all the possible blacklists, so I 
commented out the line with the 3, and uncommented the one below it 
that has all the different groups listed as !xxxx and so on. But it 
will not accept those new rules.

I was able to change the redirection page so that a webpage I created 
and point to a page I'm serving off the server, so I know the file is 
being read. But why is it not blocking the others? As an example, 
typing in www.sex.com results in it being blocked, but 
www.allmp3s.com does not. And neither for hotmail, etc.

Any thoughts on what I may be overlooking?

Thank you kindly,

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