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RE: [K12OSN] Recommended Server for 25 terminals on K12LTSP 4

If it's the type of situation where all 25 machines are going to log on
at once, like in a lab where all the students sit down and fire up the
machines together, I think there would be some *serious* lag there. Once
everyone's going, then you'd be fine. I'm running just a few machines
from a P-III 700 and load times are rough, so with 25 even on a faster

Mike Karolow
Volunteer IT Administrator
the greenhouse school
Salem, Ma, USA


Huck wrote:

If you wanna do it on the cheap(not looking for growth)...

Grab an AMD 2000+ chip with about 3 gigs of ram...
40 gig hd if ppl aren't saving too much stuff to the server...
the gigabit ethernet is very helpful...

and that'll hold ya quite easily...


Wayne Fulton wrote:

>We are looking into setting up a K12LTSP lab with 25
>workstations. What type of server minimal specs (memory, hard
>drive, scsi or ide, processor) do you recommend?
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