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[K12OSN] SCSI hard drive speed

I have upgraded as far as I can go for this year. Performance is acceptable, except that more than 2 instances of thin clients running tux type or tux math bogs entire system down. Everything else functions well. Staroffice and FireFox running simultaneously on 25+ machines doing research essays perform well enough for our school's needs.

For next year, or next term if I am lucky, I am thinking of upgrading the hard drives. Currently using an old IBM SCSI drive (9gb) for /root and a Seagate SCSI (18 gb and 5400 rpm) for /home /opt and /swap.

Would 11000, or 15000 rpm SCSI drives show any kind of performance increase? Even if they don't I would probably still upgrade them eventually to gain more storage anyway, but it would be nice to justify the bigger drive(s) by saying that the increased rpm would make a noticable improvement in performance


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