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Re: [K12OSN] nfs loads through crossover not through switch

John A. Smith wrote:

Sorry for the repost . . . but thought this needed a new thread

Well I finally did get the onboard nic working on the compaq 5133. It wasn't a tlan after all but the pcnet32:lancepci etherboot floppy from rom-o-matic, configured with the CONFIG_PCI_DIRECT option.

Now, however, I have a different problem. When it gets to "Doing the pivot_root" the client hangs and says "nfs server not responding, still trying." This message goes away and everything continues to load perfectly if I disconnect the client from the switch and reconnect a crossover cable from the nic to the server. Once X is started on the client and I log in, I can reconnect the client and server to the switch and run apps just fine.

Anyone else run across this?

-john smith

What kind of switch are we talking about here?


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