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Re: [K12OSN] Definitive guide to editing gnome menus?

So how about KDE? What do people think of KDE as a window/menu manager? Or should I just stick with Icewm?

Pete wrote:
Debbie Schiel wrote:

Hi Bimal, and thanks for your tips. I gave them a go (step by step, no errors produced) but they have had no effect.
You say that it works for redhat linux 9.0 with gnome2.
I am using Fedora Core 2 with whatever came as default with k12ltsp 4.1.0 - is that the same as your setup? If it is then I must be doing something wrong and I will try it again, otherwise it means that this method doesn't work with K12ltsp 4.1.0.

Thanks again,


AFAIK gnome menu editing is broke in gnome 2.6 (2.4 LTSP 4.0 works I did it!)
I tried the same with gnome 2.6 but NO joy :-(

I ended up by giving everybody the same restricted menu except when they belong to 'root' group.
The 'stupid' but effective thing I did...
making the .desktop files NOT readable by others
.desktop files can be found in /usr/share/applications (and other dir.)


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