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RE: [K12OSN] Release cycle too fast

--- Les Mikesell <les futuresource com> wrote:
> In many cases you can do a version upgrade but you
> don't quite end up with the same thing so it is
> better
> to re-install, then back in your local changes.  

Yeah, but even a version upgrade involves sitting in
front of the computer and feeding it cd's, right? 
When my sister who lives 3000 miles away needs an
upgrade, I guess I'm going to have to walk her through
it.  If I had to do that with my parents, I think I'd
shoot myself.  Luckily they live close by.

> I think the
> real key to making it easy to keep up is going to be
> to put
> your /home directories and services that need to
> keep working
> (authentication, email, dns, etc.) on a stable
> server - Centos 4.0
> might be a good choice now,  

But that server will need to be upgraded about once a
year in order to keep getting security updates, right?
 Or are updates for Centos available for longer? 
Upgrading once a year isn't a big deal if that's your
job, but for a home user who may not be very computer
savy, it can be.  

I know the easy answer is "if you don't understand
computers, then pay somebody who does".  I guess I'm
just surprised that something as powerful as linux
does not allow me to upgrade somebody's operating
system from anywhere in the world without having
somebody feed cd's into the computer.  After all,
every bit of software is on the internet.

Thanks for the info.


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