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Re: [K12OSN] Release cycle too fast

--- Jim McQuillan <jam mcquil com> wrote:

What you've described below is exactly how apt works with debian.
and I think that's how yum works on fedora.

Jim McQuillan jam Ltsp org

Rob Owens wrote: > Jim, > > Just to be clear, are you saying that I can apt or yum from one > release version and end up with the latest release version? for > example, using yum to upgrade from FC2 to FC3. > > -Rob

According to guys on the fedora lists, exactly. But I've never done it myself, so I can't give you the specifics.

Some of the posts on the fedora list have had guys going from redhat 6.2 -> redhat 7.0 -> redhat 7.3 -> redhat 9.0 -> fedora core 1 -> fedora core 2 -> fedora core 3 and also, some have worked from redhat 7.3 -> fedora core 2... wild stuff. And that's using both yum and apt. From what I've gathered, the more you've stuck with using rpm for all your software installing, updates, and removal, the better it works for updating. If you've done a lot of installing software from source, creating symbolic links for libraries to make stuff work, making the system "you" specific, updating between major version updates doesn't work well. But, like I've said, I've seen posts from several people that have done it.


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