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Re: [K12OSN] A performance question

> I want to set up a simple LAMP server, and I have the K12LTSP CDs 
> handy.  Is there any reason I shouldn't use them to load up my 
> sever?  I was going to go ahead and let it set load the LTSP goodies 
> along the way so that I could have such niceties as the seamless VNC 
> integration.  Will this adversely affect system performance?  Does 
> the LTSP setup eat up RAM/CPU cycles even when there are no clients 

I would just choose the Fedora Core option and not K12LTSP on setup.  Then 
when asked choose custom configuration.  Then navigate through each category 
and add what you need.  You should be able to choose all of your server 
stuff needed for a LAMP server and choose VNC and so on.  Just take 10 
minutes and review every option under every section.  Not a bad excercise to 
do just to familiarize yourself with what is available anyhow.  I always 
find one new piece of software that isn't available with the default install 
that I find when digging through custom.

Besides you don't want all of the extra Edutainment stuff on a LAMP server 
and all of the LTSP extras.  Keep your server as bare as possible.  My 
theory is if your server has more software it has more potential 
vulnerabilities, so keep things to what you need when it comes to a server, 
regardless of if it uses CPU cycles.

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