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Re: [K12OSN] Looking for video performance solutions


The thing that sped up the graphics a lot was the
network equipment I had. Before getting new hardware,
the clients were getting something like 0.5 frames per
second in the real graphically intensive TuxMath. Then
I upgraded the client's network cards to 100mbit and
put in a switch instead of a hub. The new switch also
had a gigabit upload to the server. I started to get
5-10 frames per second on TuxMath. I bet I could get
higher framerates with better clients but I am stuck
with 133 and 166 pentiums (they don't even have
MMX!).(All fps numbers are my approximation of the
real fps.)

In summary, if you are getting less than 5 fps it is
most likely your network setup. If you want to get
something like 15+ fps. I say get better clients with
better video cards.

--- Adam Reitsma <areitsma littletonschools org>
> Hello!,
> One of the issues I have come across is the video
> performance using the
> k12 terminal server.  For basic stuff its fine but
> load something more
> graphical such as TuxMath it can take serveral
> minutes to load.  I
> assume its a coding/development/technology issue
> because if I remotely
> connect using VNC, all applications are loading
> almost instant including
> more graphical ones such as TuxMath.
> Are there settings I can change for this performance
> issue?  Is it part
> of the PXE boot image or server settings itself? 
> Network related?
> It doesn't seem to be hardware related, I have used
> a homemade built
> terminal and a terminal from
> disklessworkstations.com.  The result is
> still the same...
> Any help is appreciated...
> Thanks,
> Adam Reitsma
> areitsma littletonschools org
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