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Re: [K12OSN] Can someone tell me two things?

On Mon, 4 Apr 2005, John P. Conlon wrote:

> 1. I need to move the entire home folder and contents to a different 
> computer so I can work on the first one.  How do I do this?  Both 
> machines ae essentially networked stand alone machines.
One way is rsync over ssh.

cd /home
rsync -av -e ssh . othermachine:/home/

All you need is ssh on both boxes and to permit remote root ssh on the
target machine.

> 2. Where do I find the file that identifies that has the abreviations 
> for ISA sound cards. I need to put this information in my lts.conf file 
> for several of my home brewed clients that have  ESS 1868 cards.

I think you are looking for the hwdata files  /usr/share/hwdata

> Thanks
> Pat
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