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Re: [K12OSN] OT but an emergency

Dimitri Yioulos wrote:
Hello to all.

After posting this in the "appropriate" list, googling, etc., I'm turning to
you folks to see if anyone can help.  This has me at wits end:

I have 5 CentOS 3.4 (RHEL AS 3) boxes running Samba 3.0.13-1.  They
have been joined to ADS; the PDC is a Win2k3 box.  I've been running
this successfully for a while now.

However, this morning, I added SP1 to the Win2k3 server, and now my
Samba boxes are all messed up (wouldn't ya know).  Where previously I
had files and directories that might have ownership of
HEADQUARTERS\Administrator and group ownership of HEADQUARTERS\Domain
Users (or some other existing user or group on the Windows server,
those have "magically" been replaced by uid and gid numbers.  When our
users try to access these files or directories, they're prompted for a
uname and password, none of which work.  If I try to change ownersip
and group ownership back to where I had them, the systems say that
user and group that I try to use are invalid names.  This despite the
fact that I get correct values when I run "wbinfo -u", "wbinfo -g",
and "getent passwd".

I've got to get us back to square as quickly as possible.  Can anyone

Many thanks.


Googling I found these:


Here is a patch that may help:



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