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[K12OSN] Resources for promoting K12LTSP to schools...

I've tried to compile a list of resources that would be helpful in
discussing some of the issues that are a part of the "mindset" of
moving to Linux thin client for a school.  I hope the collection is
helpful.  It's at
http://www.technologyrescue.com/moreinformation.html.  Any suggestions
of articles or resources most welcomed.  Here's what I have tried to

What thin client is
What ltsp and k12ltsp are, and links to those sites
Links to case studies of ltsp and k12ltsp installations
What Linux is, and an essay on viruses and Linux
What Open Source is
Essays on using Open Source in schools and the cost savings
Reviews of OpenOffice
Essays on appropriate roles for technology in schools
Information on "Total Cost of Ownership" for comptuers and how to calculate
Resources for teachers
Information on the environmental impact of computers and the value of re-use
Information on recycling computers


Steve Hargadon
916-899-1400 direct

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