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Re: [K12OSN] users kicked out on 4.2.1

Do you use switches or hubs? If switches, is the server's NIC set to
half or full duplex or "Auto Negotiate"... it might be worth checking
the switches config and see if that's set to half/full/autoneg as
well, as this causes us all sorts of problems at work.

Also, try running a continous ping against the server, and check used
bandwidth to the server.

Hope that helps (not confuses)

Jon Spriggs

On Apr 12, 2005 2:23 PM, Julius Szelagiewicz <julius turtle com> wrote:
> > Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
> >>>I wouldn't think you'd need it with that much memory, but it might be
> >>>worth trying.
> >>>When do they get "kicked off"?
> >>>
> >>>On Apr 11, 2005, at 3:40 PM, Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
> >>>
> >>>>No, NFS swap is not on, as most stations have 128MB memory, plus they
> >>>>worked well with the 3.1.2 (not 3.2.0) and the 25000 MaxSessions
> >>>>parameter.
> >>>
> >> This is a very random event. A few users, not all the same every time,
> >> other than one with 64MB station. get kicked off the system - as in the
> >> mouse and keyboard stop responding and after about a minute the station
> >> gets a grey screen. Anybody trying to get a login screen at this time
> >> gets
> >> only a grey screen. The system seems ok, no problems on other
> >> workstations, no obvious messages in logs.
> >> I upgraded the 64MB station to 256MB, the problem has not manifested
> >> itself for the second time today. It happend on Thursday, Friday and
> >> today. the server is a dual Xeon Gateway with 4GB, only 25 users,
> >> typical
> >> mix is 1 terminal window open everywhere, Mozilla or Firefox, a bit of
> >> kfax viewer, some evolution, a few OO users.
> >
> > I was having a similar issue.  I had several client defined in
> > dhcpd.conf with the same ip address.
> >
> > Tim
> >
> We are very strict here - one address is all you get :-)
> still searching for the cause, because this is literally a show-stopper.
> julius
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