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Re: [K12OSN] School Size

Here we serve ~240 students, only about 30 LTSP clients, 22 MS-XP, 10 Mac OS/X, but all student data/authentication is on the LTSP server, Windows/Mac/thin client authentication, all student home directories, all print quotas. We only have room on our campus for about 10-20 more stations anywhere. So the single beefy server build last year is going to be enough to do whatever we need.

Something I have noticed is that of most of the schools I talk to the ratio of students to workstations is about 3:1, usually limited by physical space. I'm wondering if this is accurate?


Al Dow wrote:
What size school do most of you have?

We have 1700 students and 500 computers. We are looking at setting up the labs and libraries with K12LTSP - about 150 computers. Of course I'm fighting an uphill battle with the teachers, administrators and school board. They all think we should use Windows Terminals even though the expense will be 3-4 times greater for the project. They also say that only really small schools would use K12LTSP. Thus the above question.


Al Dow

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