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Re: [K12OSN] print quota manager?

I use PyKota on K12LTSP 4.1 and it works great.

The install was really quite simple, but as Jerome(creator/maintainer) will advise.. Read the manual FIRST...90% of the question I had when I was installing was already there in the manual docs.

I use the Postgresql method and have had no problems. Use it on 2 printers, a Ricoh Color Laser, and a HP 4050 attached to a local thin client.


Barry R Cisna wrote:
Hello List,,

Does anyone have a good /decent , solution for a printer quota manager?

    I've tryed to get printbill working but have never had any luck to get
it to count printed pages...
    We are using 4.2.0 build of K12LTSP...

Has anyone got Pykota working[decently] on K12LTSP?



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