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Re: [K12OSN] Can not access science web site. Can firefox masquerade as another browser?

User Agent Switcher - Firefox Extension

User Agent Switcher 0.6.1, by Chris Pederick, released on December 05, 2004
Quick Description

Adds a menu to switch the user agent of the browser. 


On 4/13/05, Bill Bardon <bill computassist com> wrote:
> On Wednesday, Apr 13 Dan Young wrote:
> > This is good. You should also complain loudly and often to them for
> > having a broken site. IE-only sites are soooo late 90's.
> YES!
> Sites that exclude other browsers need to hear from us.  I just sent a
> message to these folks along that line.  Some of you may want to
> follow suit.  Just don't quote mine verbatim - too obvious.  ;-)
> Here it is:
> Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 12:31:55 -0500
> From: Bill Bardon <bill computassist com>
> To: webmaster pearson com
> Subject: Browser compatibility
> The Scott Foresman Science web site (goes with 3rd grade text book)
> does not allow browsing with Firefox, even though the browser works
> fine, as far as I can tell.  If I instruct Firefox to identify itself to
> the server as MS IE 6.0, the site functions without problems.
> Do you have plans to include Firefox in your list of acceptable browsers
> soon?  Better yet, please eliminate the browser-specific code wherever
> possible and make your site accessible to the larger public.  Let users
> choose their browser.  See how at http://validator.w3.org/
> More schools, including the ones I am involved with, are moving to Linux
> and/or using Firefox to escape IE's security woes.  Not just web sites,
> but educational software for Linux is going to see a large increase in
> market size.  I hope Scott Foresman will be proactive in recognizing
> this, and implementing more platform-independent products in the near
> future.
> --
> Bill Bardon
> Omaha, Nebraska
> http://www.computassist.com
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