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Re: [K12OSN] Pam Mount Multiple Connections

> Hey Everyone hope you can help me out I have set up a small lab of 6
> terminals and using this guide
> http://math.univ-lille1.fg/~hafidi/terminal-services/index.html I have
> been able to authenticate to a Windows 2003 server as well as pam
> mounting the users home dirs.  The problem I am having is if more than
> one user is logs in  Pam mount seems to fail it doesn't mount their home
> drive, so it seems to me that it only works for one user at a time, is
> this normal?  As soon as the user (the one that Pam mount worked for)
> logs out and their home directory is unmounted everything is fine again
> for the next lucky user but only the first one.  Any one have any
> ideas?  I feel that I am so close to getting it working in a way that
> the administration would be happy and I would be able to expand and
> bring more labs online.  Thanks is advance.
This is a W2K3 issue...

By default, the Windows Server 2003 Domain Controllers require SMB signing
which in this case prevents you from doing multiple mounts with different
users. You have 2 workarounds for this:

1) Disable SMB signing on W2K3:

- From "Administrative Tools" open "Domain Controller Security Policy"
- Select "Local Policies" ---> "Security Options" folder
- Double-click "Microsoft network server: Digitally sign communications
(always)", and then click Disabled to prevent SMB packet signing
from being required.
- Click OK.
- Reboot or run "gpupdate" to apply the Group Policy change.

2) Leave SMB signing enabled on W2K3 and apply a cifs patch (I haven't
tested this):

hope this helps,

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