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Re: [K12OSN] Can not access science web site. Can firefox masquerade as another browser?

Rob Owens wrote:

what exactly does "switching the user agent of the
browser" do? I just tried installing this extension
and used it to visit an IE-only site, but no joy. Does this extension simply report to the website that
the browser is IE, or does it actually implement some
IE-only functionality?

Right, all it does is report to the server that your browser is IE, it doesn't provide any IE functionality like ActiveX. This was useful in the days when there were lots of sites that would not display unless your browser was IE or Netscape, presumably because webmasters wanted to standardize and not worry about whether other browsers would format their pages properly. If the server could be tricked into thinking the browser was IE, it would work just fine.

These days it's pretty rare to run into sites like that, but it still happens once in a while. Unfortunately, in their place have come sites that really do have code only IE can process.


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