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[K12OSN] Mobile Wireless Lab?

I've done a search on Wireless LTSP and the information seems a bit sketchy and there are a lot of gaps. I hear rumors of a wireless LTSP package but I'm having a tough time finding details or a HOWTO.

I have a mobile lab that includes 20 laptops. All are Pentium 2 233s. Not sure what brand, but I'm going to guess Dell. All classrooms are wired, so they just plugin an access point, boot up the laptops with Win98 and off they go. Slowly....

We'd like to convert these laptops to thin clients. Is it possible to net boot with a PCMCIA wireless card? I believe the cards are 802.11G so the network connection should be fast enough if I can get them to connect. Could I install LTSP client software on the local hard drive? What are the chances it will work with my network card? I'll do whatever it takes!

If I can get this to work then they may hold a parade in my honor. You're all invited.

I'd be interested to hear from you if you've got this working.

Casey Woods
Calgary Alberta

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