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Re: [K12OSN] Implementing K12LTSP on 100+ clients

If I were me, I'd setup a vlan that spanned your campus and use the build right out of the can. Put on cable to the nic on the machine to the new vlan and the other to your normal ports. Then setup the vlan on whatever switches you have out in your other buildings to allow the clients to see that DHCP server on the Linux box. Nobody outside that vlan can see the DHCP server on the linux box. No prob.

Byron Kapali wrote:

Our campus is mostly PCs running off a Windows PDC while our router handles the DHCP. Here is my question...I would like to setup 100+ thinclients across campus in different buildings and classrooms. The only way I know how to setup K12LTSP is to have all the thinclients on a switch with the server as the bridge to the internet/router. The reason for doing this is so other computers would not try to access the K12LTSP server as the DHCP server. (I know, preaching to the choir) I DON'T want to setup a K12LTSP server for every building or in some cases every floor. (Do I have to just give in and do it?)

How can I setup K12LTSP so it can go from classroom to classroom, building to building, and not get confused with the router as the DHCP server. Is there a way to modify the boot disk or chip boot script to go to the K12LTSP server only. Also, would I need to modify my Windows computers as well so that it ignores K12LTSP as a DHCP server? Any suggestion?


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