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Re: [K12OSN] Open Source Curriculum Site?

Steve Hargadon wrote:

Has anyone created a website for collaboration on Open Source
curricula for schoolteachers?  Maybe something with moodle or drupal?

Seems like a ready resource for classroom instructional materials
would be a good pull to bring devoted teachers to Open Source.  And
likely a necessary step for helping expand k12ltsp into schools
without an Open Source technical guru.

If it exists, I'd like to be able to point people to it.  If it
doesn't exist, is it something others feel is worth creating?

I'm not an educator, just a software engineer. I'm not aware of a good open source curricula effort, but I've had an idea I've been kicking around:

An open source replacement for Accelerated Reader. Not just the software, but the data as well.

First off, testing software is brain-dead simple and renlearn.com has done a horrible job at it so far. They have shown zero interest in making their software cross-platform.
What they have done right is provided a large amount of tests.

I would need the help of teachers in providing testing data based on a wide array of reading materials for grades k-12.

I'd be more than happy to develop the software (web based) for the testing as well as building a site for teachers to submit tests and forums for discussion, rating, and auditing the tests.

We would need to be very careful so as not to copy anything from accelerated reader, so I would need help in auditing that part as well.

If we could establish a good standard as to the format of the tests, I think at the very least we would have a nice free database of educational content.

Any thoughts?


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