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Re: [K12OSN] Implementing K12LTSP on 100+ clients

How about using something like Thinstation on the thin-pc's (if they
are dedicated to K12LTSP)? Then it won't matter what the DHCP or TFTP
server is, as the workstation will have all the configuration on it

Hope that helps :)


On 4/15/05, Byron Kapali <bklinux verizon net> wrote:
> Our campus is mostly PCs running off a Windows PDC while our router
> handles the DHCP.  Here is my question...I would like to setup 100+
> thinclients across campus in different buildings and classrooms.  The
> only way I know how to setup K12LTSP is to have all the thinclients on a
> switch with the server as the bridge to the internet/router.  The reason
> for doing this is so other computers would not try to access the K12LTSP
> server as the DHCP server. (I know, preaching to the choir)  I DON'T
> want to setup a K12LTSP server for every building or in some cases every
> floor. (Do I have to just give in and do it?)
> How can I setup K12LTSP so it can go from classroom to classroom,
> building to building, and not get confused with the router as the DHCP
> server.  Is there a way to modify the boot disk or chip boot script to
> go to the K12LTSP server only.  Also, would I need to modify my Windows
> computers as well so that it ignores K12LTSP as a DHCP server?  Any
> suggestion?
> Thanks,
> Byron
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