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Re: [K12OSN] Mobile Wireless Lab?

Hi Jon    ,
Thanks for the help.

I got one of my D-Link DWL-650+ wireless pcmcia cards running under Ubuntu today. The device manager says that it is using the acx_pci driver. Which is exactly what I feared since it isn't one of the modules available under Thinstation and I'm guessing LTSP as well.

Building Thinstation is easy enough. I'm trying to wrap my head around how to get the ACX100 module into the build so that I can give it a go.

Anybody have any thoughts on how to get this driver (http://acx100.sourceforge.net) working under either LTSP or Thinstation? Or a way to net boot one of these guys?

Casey Woods

Jon Spriggs wrote:

I asked on the thinstation-general list, and got the following answer...

Hope it helps :)


TechFan <lists sf net ourholm net> wrote:

I have gotten wireless PCMCIA network cards working as of last week.  I
hadn't tried much before because unless I could encrypt it with WPA, it
wasn't an option in my environment.  I finally was officially asked to
get wireless working for a specific user and since I really wanted to
keep with a totally thinstation environment in that department, I
decided it was time to at least try to get it working.  I had to find a
802.11g card (more often support WPA) that could have a linux driver and
I ended up picking Atheros based network cards (they use the open source
madwifi support (can work in rc2, but should be working in rc3), but I
still haven't look at the details of the settings it has available
(though I need to include it for the tools) since I wanted to use
driver).  Pieter had previously created a wireless package and fixed
PCMCIAunsupported WPA encryption which I only remember possibly one
other person mentioning they had used before with thinstation.  I had to
recompile the kernel and compile the madwifi driver against the TS
source and and wpa_supplicant against the madwifi source, but I did get
it working just last week.  Since it requires the kernel to be
recompiled (only 3 checkmarks need to be changed - Crypto API and two of
the sub-options which I made Modules), it probably won't make it into
the general release and thus a package wouldn't be that helpful (and I
don't know how to create one anyway - with dependencies, etc).

On 4/15/05, casey woods <casey woods gmail com> wrote:

I saw the Sourceforge file but I was a bit put off by the date.  I'll
try it out.

I suppose my other option is to install a really minimal fat client,
get the wireless support working, and then setup the desktop to run
apps remotely.  I really would prefer not to though.  If only because
it means having to install Linux 20 times.

Does anybody have a suggestion for a Linux desktop for older machines
that has good wireless support?

Has anybody tried Thinstation, PXES, or any other thin solutions with
wireless laptops?

- Casey

On 4/15/05, Rob Owens <hick518 yahoo com> wrote:


This is the link to the wireless files you need.  If
you download and untar it, you'll find instructions on
how to use it.  Basically you create a boot floppy
which includes a kernel and then does all the nice
ltsp stuff.

I tried it with an old laptop and haven't gotten it to
work yet.  I'm using a wired pcmcia card and I'm
suspecting that it might be incompatible w/ the
drivers on the boot floppy.  Included in the
documentation is a very short list of cards that were
tested and confirmed to work, and my Xircom card is
not on that list.

My laptop only has 16MB of RAM, but I have NFS swap
enabled and the laptop never manages to mount the root
tree on the server, so I think the low RAM is not the
show stopper.  If anybody has any suggestions, I'd
appreciate it.


--- Casey Woods <casey woods gmail com> wrote:

I've done a search on Wireless LTSP and the
information seems a bit
sketchy and there are a lot of gaps.  I hear rumors
of a wireless LTSP
package but I'm having a tough time finding details
or a HOWTO.

I have a mobile lab that includes 20 laptops.  All
are Pentium 2 233s.
Not sure what brand, but I'm going to guess Dell.
All classrooms are
wired, so they just plugin an access point, boot up
the laptops with
Win98 and off they go.   Slowly....

We'd like to convert these laptops to thin clients.
Is it possible to
net boot with a PCMCIA wireless card?  I believe the
cards are 802.11G
so the network connection should be fast enough if I
can get them to
connect.  Could I install LTSP client software on
the local hard drive?
What are the chances it will work with my network
card?  I'll do
whatever it takes!

If I can get this to work then they may hold a
parade in my honor.
You're all invited.

I'd be interested to hear from you if you've got
this working.

Casey Woods
Calgary Alberta

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