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Re: [K12OSN] python help


What you have will work just fine. The only problem is that you imported everything from the os module directly into the namespace, but then tried to call os.system("echo done"). Using that sort of import you should just use system() (no "os.").

Either do:

import os
os.system("echo done")


from os import *
system("echo done")

Hope this helps,


This time for sure!
   -Bullwinkle J. Moose
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cliebow downeast net wrote:
any snakers out there willing to teach  a little python? simply need to
execute a command by pushing a button..using os.system..brain is fried from
googling this..chuck

#!/usr/bin/python #import os, Tkinter
#import string from Tkinter import *
from os import *
#from sys import *

class Application(Frame): def __init__(self, master=None):
Frame.__init__(self, master) self.grid() self.createWidgets()

def createWidgets(self):
self.quitButton = Button ( self, text="Install RPMS", fg="white",
command=self.wooha) self.quitButton.grid()

def createWidgets2(self):
self.quitButton = Button ( self, text="Add an entire new ldap directory",
fg="red" , command=self.wooha2)

def createWidgets3(self):
self.quitButton = Button ( self, text="Install from csvfiles", fg="blue" , command=self.wooha3)

def createWidgets4(self):
self.quitButton = Button ( self, text="Install Single User", fg="green" , command=self.wooha4)

def wooha(self):
os.system("echo done")
#print "Hey"

    def wooha2(self):
 print "Ho"

    def wooha3(self):
 print "Hee"

    def wooha4(self):
 print "Ha!"

app = Application() app.master.title("ldapadmin") app.mainloop()

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