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RE: [K12OSN] how about a live CD or live usb hard drive?

That's a good idea, but I'm just a guy.  I'm not doing
this as a business.  I'm just trying to keep my taxes
low and make sure the school is all set by the time my
son starts kindergarten.

If I have $500 to spend on computer equipment, I'm
gonna get myself a nice lcd monitor!  But I figure I
can afford a USB hard drive enclosure and throw an old
6GB drive in it.  That's why I was asking about the
"live hard drive" setup.

Jim, you mentioned 5 clients being the limit on this
type of machine.  That's good info to know.  What, in
your opinion, is the limiting factor in your case? 
RAM?  CPU?  Would a P4 (rather than a Celeron) make a


--- Jim Kronebusch <jim winonacotter org> wrote:
> Our Solution to this has just been to buy a couple
> of the bottom of the
> line Dell home machines as demo servers.  The last
> one we bought was a
> 2.8GHZ celeron with 512MB RAM and an 80GB HD with a
> 17" flat screen for
> $500.  Then we just configure them as a single NIC
> server with K12LTSP.
> This way we can just change the IP to match the new
> network, re-run the
> k12ltsp-initialize scripts, slam it on their
> network, and start booting
> clients from anywhere on their network.  Any more
> than 5 clients and
> heavy use will about kill it, but it is enough to
> get the point across
> and let them start playing with the software.
> We of course tell them that this is not a real
> server and that a decent
> one will cost them about $5000 and run 30-40
> concurrent clients (with
> standard applications, not 40 instances of Kstars
> while playing Chess
> :-). 
> After a few months we'll just wipe these machines
> and sell them for
> about the same price then buy new ones if we need
> them.
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