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Re: [K12OSN] excessive account enumeration times <- Help!

Henry Burroughs wrote:
I ran a number of updates this morning (both on my K12LTSP box as well
as my Active Directory System).  I use ldap to retrieve the user account
information from AD.  Now I'm having problems with "getent passwd"
taking close to 30 seconds to return... instead of less than a second.
This is keeping users from functioning properly because user ID lookups
take 30 seconds.  I had encoutered this problem before when I moved my
own workstation to a new subnet... and fixed it when I moved the
workstation back to the current subnet.  I'm going to try to reboot the
Active Directory system tonight (I haven't been able to since it still
serves DHCP at the moment as well as the grading system (and grades are
due tomorrow to be processed, so that's really stressfull too).


Make sure that nscd is running:

/sbin/service nscd restart

Whether or that is the problem, it should help to mask the problem.


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