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Re: [K12OSN] thin clients

I demo'd a Neoware Capio One...but I like the Affirmative YeStation Mini better =) much smaller and mounts to the back of LCD monitors that have the 'vesa'(I think this is what it's called) mount.

Nothing wrong with the Capio One...just the mini looks better(cuz you can't see it at all behind the monitor =)


William Parrott wrote:
We've used a Wyse 9235 (booting from PXE, not the WinXPe OS) terminals
in a testing-only lab. It's still a rather expensive way to go (about
$400 w/o monitor). If your environment doesn't require removable storage
for end-users it is very reliable and easy to service platform. I am
planning to evaluate the Neoware Capio One (under $250 w/o monitor) as a
possible alternative to the Wyse terminals. Wyse makes a sub-$300
terminal (1200 series) but I believe they only support Citrix ICA/MS RDP
(no PXE).

I'm now working on getting some old Amptron 'BookPC'(BKE630) computers
to boot from the network. They have RPL boot support but no PXE support.
Has anyone from the list been able to successfully boot from an
RPL-based network client or with one of these 'Book-PC's'?

John Arends wrote:

Have any of you tried using thin clients boxes from wyse or another company instead of old PCs as your thin clients?

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