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Re: [K12OSN] Open Source Curriculum Site?

A program that I stumbled across the other day was eXe: "The Learning XHTML Editor"
It allow you to easily create lessons.
You can save your content as a web page or web page which can then be imported to moodle.
It is being developed at by University of Auckland in New Zealand
It can be found at http://exe.cfdl.auckland.ac.nz/?q

This maybe a package that should be included with ltsp.

I have several courses that I am giving using Moodle that I would be willing to share: Computer Programming (C/C++), Internet Programming (HTML,JavaScript, PHP,SQL), Advanced Computer Applications Office Suite, and Digital Publishing.

awoehler woehler us

ddaniels magic fr wrote:

Wikipedia has an open content text book section.

I've been using moodle for awhile now and, though it's not perfect, it's the best of all that I've tested. There is some content available for sharing via the moodle site but not a lot. The hang up there is that there isn't any 'publish content' feature in moodle. If publishing content was made easier for users, then more people would do it. I think the best way to get more curriculum into the wild is to focus on large installed bases... like moodle. Make it easier for users to publish and they will.


Steve Hargadon wrote:

Has anyone created a website for collaboration on Open Source
curricula for schoolteachers?  Maybe something with moodle or drupal?

Seems like a ready resource for classroom instructional materials
would be a good pull to bring devoted teachers to Open Source.  And
likely a necessary step for helping expand k12ltsp into schools
without an Open Source technical guru.

If it exists, I'd like to be able to point people to it.  If it
doesn't exist, is it something others feel is worth creating?


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