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Re: [K12OSN] Given this situation, why bother continue with LTSP?

On Wed, Apr 20, 2005 at 02:52:20PM -0400, Kevin Squire wrote:
> How many of you accually were "schooled" with your current computer
> system???????

Well, speak for yourself!

I'm still doing Logo on the Apple II. ;^)  And my high school training in
Windows 3.1 has landed me a job as a 1st-class BATch file scripter.

(Sarcasm, obviously.  I totally agree with you.  Sheesh!  I mean, within
a year or two of graduating with a CS Degree, my college completely
replaced their one Mac lab with Linux systems, and their other Mac lab
with Mac OS X systems, which are pretty much COMPLETELY different from the
old MacOS!)

> I certainly do not want my childs actions to be followed by
> some spyware crap, or have her browser hi-jacked by some horrible web
> site, and have her sent to some XXX-site.

One day I was at my local library, talking to the librarian there about
Linux (our LUG meets there, and a lot of the folks at the library are
pretty keen on the whole Open Source movement).

As I was talking to her, some little kid came up to complain that the
computer next to him kept putting up pornographic pop-up ads.
(I'm not even sure anyone was USING that PC.)

It's running Windows, of course.  An LTSP system (or at LEAST stand-alone
Linux boxes) would make perfect sense here, but sadly, it's not a decision
that library can make on its own.  The county is in charge.

I believe they had to just turn off that computer, put an "OUT OF ORDER"
sign on it, and probably wait a week for the county library IT folks to
come in and fix it.  Ugh. :^P

bill newbreedsoftware com      Tonight's Forecast: Dark. Continued darkness
http://newbreedsoftware.com/   until widely scattered light in the morning.

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