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RE: [K12OSN] Given this situation, why bother continue with LTSP?

> Given that the major driving force which helped me discover 
> LTSP was the ability to afford Windows, with that roadblock 
> gone, what reason is there not to go with Windows?

I'd say look at the bright side.  You can sell the Windows licenses on
eBay.  Use the profits to buy more machines.  And now that you have new
fast machines you can run local installs of Linux which may work better
with sound, scanners, printers, usb drives, etc that they may see as
current setbacks.  You can still set them to auth to your central Linux
server with LDAP or something and have remote mounted home folders.
This way you get free machines, the guy gets to donate stuff, everyone
is happy.  I suppose except for the narrow minded people who think
Windows is the only way to go, but those people probably still have file
cabinets full of crap, don't use calculators, use candles to light their
house, and didn't want new fangled computers in the first place.  

The only reason they feal they are at a disadvantage is because they
are.  They are disabled by their fear of change.

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