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Re: [K12OSN] Given this situation, why bother continue with LTSP?


May I suggest that you have been given a wonderful opportunity? You have
the potential to have a Windows lab AND a Linux lab. Students could
experience both worlds. This gift expands the number of computers
available at your school and it expands the number of computer

I use Linux and Windows XP at school. I go home and use Apple OS X. This
makes me able to fix problems on all 3 because I see them with different
eyes than those who have experienced only one system.

I grew up on a TI-99/4A, Apple IIe, and TRS-80. I then migrated to Windows
3.1, backwards to DOS (to run programs I needed as a Physics major), to
Windows 95, then Apple 9.x and then to Windows XP. (I missed the
incarnations of Windows between 95 and XP).

Because of my experience, I am comfortable sitting down at computers. I am
even the unofficial tech person at my school and was recently offered my
dream job (which I had to turn down) in part because of my wide computer

Look upon this gift as an opportunity to expand your students' options.
Down the road, think of it as a chance to get better thin clients. ;)

There is a lot of good in this gift if you are willing to look at it in
that perspective.

--Jason Waskiewicz
  jason waskiewicz sendit nodak edu

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